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Airdrop taxation depends on when you received your airdrop, and also varies from country to country. Bookmate can help you gain clarity on your specific situation and file income and capital gains taxes for you, if necessary.

NFTs, DeFi, and more

The taxes you pay on NFT- and DeFi-generated income depend on a number of variables. Our experts will identify your taxable events, calculate any capital gains tax, and file your return for you.

Business support

Holding crypto in your corporate treasury? Ensure your compliance with rapidly-changing IRS rules and tax laws with our business tax services.

Book a call with us to discuss your needs–we’ll work with you to create a custom filing solution that works for you.

Common Questions

How are crypto assets treated by the IRS?

Cryptocurrencies are generally treated as property by the IRS (at least for the time being). This means everything from coins to NFTs are subject to capital gains rates. Some crypto transactions (like airdrops, for example) are treated as ordinary income, which is different from simply buying and selling crypto and/or crypto related assets.

What software does Bookmate use?

Bookmate uses different software platforms for different use cases. However, we primarily use ZenLedger to calculate crypto tax liabilities. After our consultation, we will determine which tools will be necessary to calculate your tax obligation! 

Can I talk to someone before I buy?

Absolutely. Bookmate provides customers with consultative solutions to create a tax filing plan.

Do I have to sign a contract for Bookmate?

Bookmate's services are rendered on a project basis. We will create a custom engagement for you that will outline how services will be rendered. You do not need to sign a long term contract to do your taxes with us!.

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